flowers and rock

flowers and rock

Spring has put in a brief appearance today with an unseasonable warm day – according the website we reached a high of 63* and should stay in the 50’s the rest of this week!

While the weather may vary the overall season still maintains its energy – it’s still Winter/Vata season with its cold and dryness but Spring is on its way with its cool and damp qualities. If you are one of those people with seasonal allergies there are steps you can begin to take now that can help lessen your body’s tendency to accumulate Kapha (the energy of Spring) which would then become aggravated in its season.

Winter and Spring share the qualites of cold or cool, so we should continue with eating and drinking warm foods. But in Winter we also often crave sweet tasting foods which balance Vata by countering the tastes which aggravate it. In Spring we will need to reduce sweet tasting foods in favor of more of the fresh greens that will detoxify and energize us by reducing the heaviness and mucus-forming qualities of Kapha which can be aggravated by too much sweet (and dairy products are considered sweet tasting in Ayurveda – have you ever noticed becoming congested after consuming dairy?). This doesn’t mean you have to eliminate it entirely – the things you deny yourself may then become the things you crave most.

By slowly reducing the amount of the heavier foods we eat and beginning to eat more of the greens that will begin appearing we may may lessen the misery that often accompanies beautiful Spring weather. We can also begin to incorporate more vigorous exercise as the sun rises earlier and sets later to burn off not only any excess stored bodyfat but the lethargy that often sets in Winter. The lightness of the food we are moving towards will balance the heaviness that is now accumulating, keeping us agile in more ways than we imagine!