It’s that time of year again, snot season! Pollen everywhere, making our cars look dirty, making our eyes itchy and irritated, and clogging our sinuses with nasty goop. How to breathe without resorting to antihistamines which dry us out and make us feel awful?

Meet the neti pot, that little aladdin’s lamp filled with warm saline (demos on YouTube, including some funny spoofs). The best defense is a strong offense and with the neti pot you can start offending right away (apologies to Capt. Kirk) by simply rinsing away the pollen from your nasal passages. You will also be creating a mild vacuum as you pour the saline through your top nostril which pulls additional mucus from your sinuses. Spraying saline (or shooting it up your nose) won’t have the same effect (but it is better than suffering).

On really bad pollen days you can use your neti pot multiple times to keep your breathing passages clear. Over time you may find that your allergies become less severe. If you are prone to sinus infections you may be able to eliminate them without harsh medications which can compromise your immune system (leaving you prone to more infections).

And that’s snot a bad thing!