Ya know the phrase “garbage in garbage out?” It’s true in more ways than the obvious. When we eat junk food the end result is ill health – high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, heart attacks, I’m sure you can think of a few more…

When we eat healthy food this nourishes us on many levels, not just the physical ones. When you hear the phrase “food as medicine” you may think of herbal supplements, but food itself and the act of preparing it and serving it to your loved ones is also medicine for your soul (secret ingredient = love!).

Some foods may be healthier for one person and not be so good for another – what is good for a Kapha-dominant individual may dry out Vata and burn up Pitta. But some things are common in all Ayurvedic diets – food must be fresh and freshly prepared. It is not recommended to eat leftovers, processed foods are a big no no, and just say no to nuking (microwaving food usually overcooks it). Depending on your climate and culture, your traditional dishes may include lacto-fermented veggies, some high fat things (don’t be afraid of fat – you need it to lubricate your joints, keep your skin smooth, and to feel full! Just don’t eat processed fats…).

These traditional methods of cooking and preserving foods were developed specifically to provide nutrient dense meals in harsher times – in the cold white north, the frozen outdoors provided the fridge, while the dry desert was the perfect dehydrator…. And when the rains fell and the world became green, the abundance of quickly growing things allowed for all to “detox” their livers by eating lower fat higher fiber meals.

So this spring and summer, shift to a diet high in natural leafy greens, fruits, and whatever veggies are in season and be rewarded with a nice naturally clean colon, the primary therapeutic site for excess Vata, as you Push Out Organic Produce!