Sometimes the time is right to cut loose a bit from one’s “secure” existence and begin to find one’s own way in the world; the practice of Yoga can help keep us grounded while the rest of our lives are in turmoil.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna (as Arjuna’s charioteer) teaches that one must surrender to one’s chosen path and do what’s right and fitting without thought to gain or loss. In today’s world, many have lost their jobs, life savings, homes, and more yet some have seen opportunity in their losses and carved out a new path based on old long held dreams.

When you find the path you are meant to walk, things just feel right; even though there will still be difficulties, you will have no more doubts about the direction you are heading. Keep your eyes open, mind at peace, and know that when all the stars are aligned things will happen as they are meant to happen.

Even though you may have meandered along your path, which seems to twist and turn back on itself, ultimately you are traveling in a straight line from your heart to the Truth.