the seeds of love are
floating on the winds of change;
hearts break open now…

The Buddhist monks and nuns of Bat Nha, Vietnam, followers of Thich Nhat Hanh, have been violently driven from their monastery and cruelly persecuted by a government that is fearful of these peaceful, gentle, yet determined people. What is so threatening about lives of peace? Perhaps it is that the government has lost control – even though their nature is non-violent, they cannot be forced to live conventional lives anymore. Even though the government should be happy that these young people are not drug users, prostitutes, criminals of any sort, they feel threatened by their inability to control the minds of those who found peace in their souls.

Change is coming to the earth and cannot be stopped; many are questioning their place in society and learning ways of rejecting their expected roles as cogs in the corporate machine. As we learn and practice how to live in harmony with the universe, Mother Nature, each other, all governments are in danger of becoming irrelevant….