it's winter in Bawlmer, hon!

winter wonderland

Happy New Year! Have you made any resolutions? Have you made them achievable?

So many have made promises to themselves to lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier food, quit smoking only to find that it takes longer than a week or a month. Only by making a lifelong commitment to healthy living can healthy living be achieved.


The philosophy of Ayurveda provides a framework for lasting health as well as remedies for existing illness. By establishing a regular daily routine rooted in the rhythms of Mother Nature and a diet grounded in the foods grown in the season one can more easily notice when things go out of balance and find their remedy at hand.

By resisting or moderating the often toxic influences of “modern” life (like cell phones, processed foods, and recreational drugs) we can find lasting energy, a clear mind, and stronger immunity. This can take time (a lifetime) but the journey is worth making. You will seem to age more slowly than others not on this path. You will teach your children the open secrets of living sustainably and in harmony with Natural Law. And perhaps, as others notice that you have found a better way, you will teach the world by your example.

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