With his popular TV show Dr. Oz has been promoting healthier diets and lifestyles for several years now. He has shown how a vegan diet can help an obese man lose weight, reverse diabetes, and avoid heart attacks, highlighted Ayurvedic treatments, and even hosted a debate on genetically modified foods. So why is he now attacking organic farming?

Yes, organic food may be a little more expensive but the long-term costs are lower when you consider the health consequences of our dietary choices. Independent research has been showing for a long time that there ARE significant differences in the nutritional content of organic vs industrial food. And of course, the pesticide load is MUCH lower for organics. Loading yourself and your children up with toxic residues contributes to a host of ill effects from minor annoyances to major life-threatening crises. Do any of my 50+ year old peers remember knowing ANYONE with something like Crohn’s Disease or irritable bowel syndrome 20 years ago? Now it’s fairly common, along with major food allergies to staples like wheat, corn, soy, peanuts, and more.

When many mainstream doctors are recommending exclusively organic diets to their patients (who often reverse their illnesses completely with just that one change), and even more families make the switch because of concern for their health how can Doctor Oz reverse his previous recommendations to eat organic?