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very insightful – in a way one could say that America has both ruined AND rescued yoga. Yes, there are cheapened mashups of Yoga-and-insert your other modality here, but also much attention given to a practice that is greatly needed in our incredibly unbalanced “civilization”. At least people are setting foot to mat to help heal their bodies and minds, and those who truly embrace the “path” of Yoga will be inspired to continue looking deeper inside themselves, and perhaps find a more traditional teacher who can guide them further on that path…


I have been practicing Shadow Yoga since 2009 – I have now moved into the form called Nritta Sadhana (which I LOVE) but will be reconnecting with the Prelude forms next year so I can relearn from the very beginning. Like this blogger, I have experienced tremendous transformative healing from this practice and STILL things are being stirred up that I must digest and assimilate. It’s a challenge, but in my future work as a Yoga Therapist (graduating from MUIH’s MS in Yoga Therapy program in 2015 barring any disasters) this will most likely be not only my grounding practice but seed for my clients’ practice as well!

Svasti: A Journey From Assault To Wholeness

True story: If my shoulder could’ve had an orgasm in yoga class tonight, it WOULD’VE!!

Sure, I hear what you’re saying – that’s possibly way too much information for some of you, and certainly for the opening line of a post, right? Okay, okay! Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself here.

BUT seriously folks, this injured shoulder of mine has not had the sort of release it got this evening in the entire time it’s been injured. I’ve tried all kinds of yoga and stretching of course, massage, acupuncture and physio. Truly, I’ve tried a lot of things. And tonight oh, tonight… I found the asana that makes all the difference – the rehab manoeuvre that brings incredible relief (it is of course, still mangled but this REALLY helps). And riding my bike home, so happy was I that I cried and I screamed and hence the opening line of…

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