As much as we’d like the world to be fair and for people to be honest and honorable there are some truly awful people out there. In ayurveda and yoga we speak of the “gunas” (qualities) of the mind, Sattva (clarity, light, balance), Rajas (tumult, agitation, movement in one direction or another), and Tamas (darkness, heaviness, immobility). We all show tendencies – we may mostly display Sattva and this shows up as service to others, happiness, and a tendency to do the right thing; we may be Rajasic, wavering about our direction or about WHAT is right or perhaps sometimes doing right and sometimes doing wrong; or perhaps we are Tamasic, chronically depressed or even mostly “evil” – doing wrong and never thinking about the consequences for ourselves, our loved ones, or others. Each action we perform (karma) creates an equal and often opposite reaction from others (more karma); our spiritual practice should be guiding us in learning how to perform in the world without creating karma (good OR bad)…



Grace Her Many Horses has dedicated many years of her life to law enforcement. After this article was published she was removed from her position at Rosebud and has since returned to work on the Fort Berthold Reservation. Article is reprinted with permission from The Sicangu Eyapaha (Rosebud Sioux) tribal newspaper.(Courtesy Photo)


By Damon Buckley
Communications Director, Rosebud Sioux Tribe


ROSEBUD, SD – Former Rosebud Sioux Tribe Police Chief Grace Her Many Horses took a temporary job working in the Bakken Region near Newtown, North Dakota. This Bakken Basin stretches from Montana to North Dakota and it is rich in shale oil supplies. She began work in June of last year until October of the same year. It was her first experience with Man Camps. She seen them before while driving past on the way to pow-wows but this was going to be the very first time…

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