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Know how deep it is
When you jump in the river
so you are not lost…

wave rolls in

Do you see sharp rocks?
Is there an undercurrent
that would drag you down?

Knowledge is power,
Compassion is protection
for the soul’s journey.

Dr. Vasant Lad taught this past weekend at the Kripalu School of Ayurveda, demonstrating how he evaluates clients and helps them to understand their underlying energetic imbalances which drive their physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. His grasp of this ancient science is comprehensive, covering the practical and poetic. Each day we began by attempting to follow his beautiful Sanskrit chanting, we listened to how gently and respectfully he drew out sensitive information from the volunteers who were looking for healing, and we marveled at how many ways he could find to explain the Ayurvedic perspective on how each person’s current condition came to express itself as well as how he or she could find balance and maintain it.

As the KSA 4 class of Ayurveda nears its conclusion (but our education will not!) we are beginning to find our way towards our own unique integrations of what we have learned with what we already know. But in a way, this ancient knowledge is already inside our deepest selves, we are simply learning how to access our innate intelligence in order to help others do the same.

To begin your journey, look for the Ayurvedic Natural Lifestyle group on Facebook, and become a fan of The Well-Seasoned Life (also on Facebook).

July 2018
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