Once upon a time, there were three yogi bears.  Papa Bear was a big, lovable, huggable bear;  Mama Bear was a middle-sized common-sense type of bear, and Baby Bear was teeny tiny and ridiculously cute.

One morning, the Yogi Bear family talked about making their favorite foods for breakfast:  Papa Bear wanted a great, big bowl of scrambled eggs with hot sauce.  Mama Bear wanted a middle-sized bowl of creamy rolled oats with butter and honey.  Baby Bear wanted a teeny tiny bowl of crunchy granola cereal with some fresh milk ready to pour on top. It was a beautiful, sunny day in the forest so they all decided to go to their favorite clearing in the woods to do a little meditation practice before eating.  Their breakfast would still be there when they returned a short while later.

While they were gone, a girl named Goldilocks came to their house and knocked on the door.  She thought she was at her grandmother’s house and didn’t know that she was lost!  When no one answered the door, she assumed Gramma had stepped out for a walk, opened the door and walked right in.
Goldilocks saw the three bowls on the table and thought, “Gee, Gramma must be expecting me and a friend!  I’m hungry, so I’ll just taste each one to see which one I like best.  She won’t mind, she’s my Gramma!”

First, she tasted the eggs in the great big bowl.  “This is so hot and spicy!”  Goldilocks thought.  “I don’t think Gramma would make me something so hot”.
Next, she tried the middle bowl of oatmeal.  “This is so mushy!  I don’t like mushy.  And oatmeal is gross!”
Then she tasted the teeny tiny bowl of cereal.  “I like crunchy cereal.” Goldilocks thought.  “Let’s put this milk on it and it will be just right!”.  So she gobbled up all the cereal and milk.

Goldilocks saw three yoga mats set up in the living room in front of the TV.  “I didn’t know Gramma did yoga.”  she thought.  “I’ll try it too!  But first, I need to test which is the right yoga mat for me.”
First, she sat on the big, black yoga mat.  It was too hard.
Next, she sat on the middle sized padded mat.  It was too soft, and it slid around on the floor when she tried to move around like she did in her class at the yoga center.
Then, she tried the teeny tiny sticky mat.  “This one is just like the one I use at the yoga center!”  she cried.  “I’ll use this one because it’s just right!”

Now, Goldilocks needed a yoga dvd to watch, because she didn’t know enough to make up her own routine.  First, she tried an advanced dvd because it looked like fun with lots of movement and neat shapes to make.  “This is too hard!”  she cried.  “I shouldn’t have eaten that cereal first.”
Then, she tried a meditation tape.  “This is too slow!”  she thought.  “I don’t like sitting around doing nothing.  I can’t keep my mind still!”
Next, she tried one that was not too fast and not too slow, it was just right and lots of fun too.  When she finished practicing, Goldilocks laid herself down to rest to wait for her grandmother.  She was so relaxed, she didn’t even realize she had fallen asleep.

Meanwhile, the three yogi bears came back to their house.  “Who left the front door open?”  they all wondered.  “I thought the door was closed when we left.  We had better be careful, because someone could be here!”  They quietly went into the kitchen.

“Someone has tasted my eggs!”  boomed Papa Bear in his big bear voice.
“Someone has tasted my oatmeal!”  said Mama Bear in her middle sized voice.
“Someone has eaten all of my cereal and milk!”  cried Baby Bear in his teeny tiny voice.  “What will I eat for my breakfast?  I’m hungry!”

Next they went into the living room.
“Someone took out my advanced yoga dvd!”  boomed Papa Bear.
“Someone took out my meditation dvd!”  said Mama Bear.
“Someone took my kids yoga dvd and forgot to put it back in the case!”  cried Baby Bear.

“Someone tried my black yoga mat” boomed Papa Bear.
“Someone sat on my meditation mat” said Mama Bear.
“Someone is lying on my sticky mat!” cried Baby Bear.

Just then, Goldilocks opened her eyes and saw the three bears standing over her.  “Please don’t eat me!” she cried. “I want my Gramma!”

“Don’t worry, little girl” boomed Papa Bear.
“We’re Yogi Bears” said Mama Bear.
“We practice Ashtanga Yoga, the Eight Limbed Path:  and the first step of the first limb of yoga is Ahimsa, or non-harming” cried Baby Bear.  “But you ate my breakfast and used my sticky mat and didn’t put my dvd back in the case and you didn’t ask my permission to do these things!”

“I’m sorry”, said Goldilocks.  “I thought my Gramma had left me some food to eat while she was out for a walk.  And then, I thought she was going to practice yoga so I was going to practice first so I could show her what I could do when she got back.  I take yoga class after school;  do you want to practice with me later?  I could bring you some of my cereal and milk from home tomorrow!”

“If it is alright with your parents, we would be delighted to have you come over to practice with us,” boomed Papa Bear.
“And your Gramma could come over too, if she would like to practice with us.” said Momma Bear.
“And your parents can come over too, as long as they bake cookies first!”  cried Baby Bear.

“I hope you like chocolate chips!” said Goldilocks.

And so began a wonderful friendship.